Glass Frit LampworkGas burner

Starter SET cartridge burner NETTO beginners

Product#: LP00.90
Available from Februar 2014!
Replaced the starter LP00.01
The set includes:
Embellishment rod
10 Pieces Bead 3mm rods made ​​of ..
CHF 159.00
inclusive of VAT + shipping costs



included in the set:

  • Embellishment rod
  • 10 Pieces Bead 3mm rods made of chrome steel,
  • Glass rods filing,
  • 16 glass rods 33cm long color assorted:
  • Opaque glass rods:
  • Transparent glass rods:
  • Burners with precision adjustment and Travel Chargers lighter,
  • Magnets for cans interlocksystem
  • 2 x gas can
  • Heat granulate for pearls cooling 500gr
  • 1 can of release agent
  • fireproof surface
  • Owner's Manual German



Starterset Glasperlen Toppreis

Just great, this set is all going to start with the same bead making. Built in a minute, no mounting screws and ensure that no tools required.
With a gas can you work about 5 hours.

  PDF: German Test Burners

Beginner set glass beads rotate Eye protection: We use the safety glasses didymium.

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