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Bethlehem Champion Torch glass beads AK104 and boro

Product#: LP00.022
AVAILABLE Champion Torch with gas hose around 2m Top Fire very quietly extremely high performance, stainless steel 6 nozzles.
CHF 1'825.20
inclusive of VAT + shipping costs
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AVAILABLE in 10 Days

Champion Torch very extremely high performance, stainless steel 36 nozzles!!

You need an oxygen concentrator 20l/min least.
It is possible to inject 42l/Min.

The burner is designed for glass rods up to 44mm AK 104 and also for suitable borosilicate

Neus Shop spécifications
Lampworkers Top Torch :-)

Glass ECO 30 to ECO 104!
betlehem alpha betlehem bravo betlehem Champion betlehem Champion
Beadburner Torch



Glass rods 16 mm 26 mm 44 mm 50 mm +
Glass tubes 19 mm 38 mm 80 mm 200 mm +
Jet center 6 6 6 6
Middle Fire - - - 12
Outer fire Jets - 12 30 24
Gas max 3 l/Min 7 l/Min 12 l/Min 12 l/Min
Gas pressure 0,137 bar 0,137 bar 0,34 bar 0,34 bar
Amount of oxygen up 13 l/Min 30 l/Min 42 l/Min 60l/Min
oxygen pressure 0,55 bar 0,55 bar 1,4 bar 1,4 bar and >
Max. Power 3,3 kW 10 kW 13,3 kW 20 kW


For the operation of each device you need a gas bottle from the gas station with valves pressure reducing valve, 2-way distributor (only for Bravo / Champion) and we recommend a flame receiver and an oxygen concentrator.

Our specialists can advise you: Phone 0041 (0) 52 203 07 09

Alpha / Bravo Bravo / Champion 2 Stück
betlehem alpha Körber Sauerstoffkonzentrator betlehem alpha Körber Sauerstoffkonzentrator 12l betlehem alpha Sauerstoffkonzentrator Neus shop 20l 1,4 0.7 oder4 bar
Oxygen concentrator 5l/Min Oxygen concentrator 12l/Min Oxygen concentrator 20l/Min


We recommend safety glasses: Didymium Profi ab SFr. 75.00

Refer to the safety landfilling or use no gas facilities in the basement, the gas must be at ground level in the event of a leak. Propane is heavier than air and would remain in the cellar.

Please read the safety instructions, which is attached to each gas filling (yellow plastic collar).Reportez-vous à la mise en décharge de sécurité ou ne pas utiliser les installations de gaz dans le sous-sol, le gaz doit être au niveau du sol en cas de fuite. Le propane est plus lourd que l'air et resterait dans la cave.

S'il vous plaît lire les consignes de sécurité, qui est attaché à chaque remplissage de gaz (collier en plastique jaune).

The following accessories, spare parts you need:

oxygen hose
2m (2 pieces)
propane gas
1.5m (2 pieces)
valve set with
Savety receiver
Propane double
connection with tap
 Sauerstoffschlauch 2m  Propangasschlauch 1,5m betlehem alpha Körber Sauerstoffkonzentrator 12l  Propan 2 Fachverteiler Propan Druckreduzierventil